Procedure to clean the group head using Benki Clean:

  • Remove coffee filter/basket from porta-filter/group handle, and replace with “blind” filter.
  • For daily cleaning add 1 cap full of Benki Clean into the porta-filter/group handle and insert as if brewing espresso. If the machine is cleaned less often, use 2 caps full.
  • Start cycle and allow run for 10 seconds to ensure water and cleaner combine well.
  • Stop cycle and allow to sit for 5 seconds.
  • Start and stop cycle 4 more times – run for 10 seconds, stop for 5 seconds.
  • Remove the group handle and rinse well the blind filler under stream of water from the group head.
  • Then use a group head cleaning brush in circular motion to ensure the inside of the group head is thoroughly cleaned.
  • Re-insert handle with blind filter, start & stop cycle 10 times – run for 5 seconds, stop for 2 seconds to ensure thorough rinsing. Remove blind filter & insert regular filter.
  • Brew and discard a single espresso to re-season machine.

Daily procedure to clean filters and group handles:

  • Soak shower screen, group handles and filters in 500ml of hot water with 2 cap full of Benki Clean® for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly in running hot water and use a soft scrubber or brush to reach places where fingers cant.

Procedure to clean the steam wand using Benki Clean:

  • Add 1 cap full of Benki Clean into the milk pitcher and 300 ml of water; froth the solution in the same way as frothing milk.
  • Repeat the action with fresh water and wipe away the steam wand.

Procedure to clean the milk frother using Benki Clean:

  • Add two cap full of Benki Clean into the water tank of the fully automatic coffee machine or into a milk pitcher in case of a coffee machine with a milk suction tube.
  • Add 300 ml of water.
  • Run the solution through the system and repeat if the machine has not been cleaned regularly.  
  • Repeat the above procedure with 500ml of clean water to rinse all the components thoroughly.